but even if…



I am so excited to announce the inaugural offering from but.even.if…publishing. The book, Timeless Treasures: Six stories inspired by and adapted from the greatest storybook of all time, God’s Holy Bible, was illustrated by elementary art students at Veritas Christian…

Passion fueled by Compassion

Passion is fueled by desire, which is not necessarily a bad thing, assuming the desire is God-given and God-focused. But passion, while intense and a good motivator, is often emotional, heady and impulsive; it can cause tunnel-vision and narrow our mind-set. If we find ourselves in passion’s grip, it might be a flag to take a step back and check to be sure our motives are pure and our foundational intention is to bring God glory.


Why is it that I always try to make it about me? The verse doesn’t say, “The horse prepares itself,” it says, “the horse is prepared.” In other words, the Lord prepares us for battle…a battle He has already won, by the way. So if you’re like me, that leaves you feeling a little humph… asking the Lord, “So what exactly is it that you want from me again?”


Most precious readers,
Just a note to explain my hiatus in posting. While I love the time I spend with God in preparing for the regular devotions I’ve been writing over the past year, the actual wordsmithing has claimed quite a hold on available creative space in my thinktank.

Whaddaya Get the Guy Who’s Got the World?

Even better than a membership to the Jelly-of-the-Month Club, Jesus is the gift that keeps on giving the whole year. And I’ve let too many years go by in the spirit of Clark W. Griswold, not appreciating what I’ve been given, having already spent more than I can afford. Yes, Jesus probably already has everything He needs… but so do I. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

Fight or Flight

Typically I drive around town without thinking too much about my speed. I follow the rhythms of traffic and obey the natural laws of the road (curves, hills, obstacles, terrain) that govern how fast I can safely travel. But occasionally, I’ll pass a police officer and glance down to see that my instinctive speed-o-meter is in direct violation of the signpost law. I’m surprised how reliably this triggers an adrenaline release–heart races, stomach turns, fingers and toes go numb, breath shortens, antiperspirant fails. I’m actually experiencing this physiological response right now, just by thinking about it. Weird.