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Bible study

Spiritual BBQ Sauce?

In Acts 4, the disciples pray that they might speak God’s Word with boldness. Sometimes I use timidity (shyness, fear, etc.) as an excuse to shrink back. I don’t feel confident, so I don’t act. Or if I do act (in spite of my lack of confidence) I still allow that feeling to get the best of me. These feelings are not of the Spirit. It’s me trying to act in my own strength instead of His. But God has not given us a spirit of timidity.

Boldness is better, right? Potentially. But untempered by the Spirit, boldness can be impulsive, arrogant, brash – more bravado than bravery (a good example of this is Peter’s behavior prior to receiving the Holy Spirit).

So what might speaking with true, Spirit-filled boldness might look like?

Genesis 1:2 – A surprising revelation

I am no scientist. While all of this is fascinating to me, it begins to hurt my brain a little. And this is when I pull back and ask God if it matters that I understand. Sometimes the only value in seeking these answers is that it shows a heart that wants to better know God and His ways. If we are trying to answer these questions merely to satisfy ourselves, it may be better to abort mission. To be honest, I’ve been considering doing just that with this study of Genesis. I’m feeling that I’m getting so bogged down in dissection, that I’m missing the bigger picture. There has to be a balance of the tension between truth and humble awe. I believe it is at the crux of the two that we experience revelation.

And so I sit at His feet and ask, “Lord, what do You want me to know about Genesis 1:2?” His answer is often the same when I pose a question like this. It somehow always comes as a surprise, and it never fails to bring a smile to my face.