but even if…

Hearing from God

Who’s on First? And Where in the World is Will? (1 of 3)

We’ve been given free will of course, but as God’s children following the example of Jesus, we seek His will rather than our own (Matt. 26:39). Has determining God’s will for you ever felt a little like the Abbot & Costello comedy routine “Who’s on First?” Let’s say “I” am on first… that puts “What?” on second and “I Don’t Know” on third. Confusion abounds. But what if we try a new line up? What if we put Jesus on first?

The Secret of Success : The Not So Impossible Dream (2 of 5)

Last summer, God seemed to dust off the forgotten chapters of the book I’d started writing several years prior. With renewed excitement, fresh insights and an understanding of why the waiting had been necessary, I dove in again, sure that this time I would finish.