but even if…

Christ In You

Figgy Pudding Ingredients: Sweet Molasses (5 of 5)

God had chosen me, just like He’s chosen you. He’s given me a heart to know Him, and that heart will never be truly satisfied by anything else. And neither will yours. Now sometimes this getting to know Him phase can be a bit like slow molasses. We might be a little stubborn in coming around… but God, who created our hearts, knows our hearts. He knows his chosen will return to Him, and not half-heartedly for an hour or so on Sunday mornings, but “with their whole heart.”

Figgy Pudding Ingredients: A bit nutty, but like buttah (3 of 5)

This brings so much hope to me when I hit a rough patch. We may be living in a world gone nuts, but God’s plans for His people are “to prosper, not to harm.” (Jer. 29:11) If we are inclined to believe anything God says, it should follow that we believe EVERYTHING He says. So we can trust that no matter how bad it may look to us, He will work all things together for the good of those who love Him… “for our own good.” Always.

Who’s on First? And Where in the World is Will? (1 of 3)

We’ve been given free will of course, but as God’s children following the example of Jesus, we seek His will rather than our own (Matt. 26:39). Has determining God’s will for you ever felt a little like the Abbot & Costello comedy routine “Who’s on First?” Let’s say “I” am on first… that puts “What?” on second and “I Don’t Know” on third. Confusion abounds. But what if we try a new line up? What if we put Jesus on first?