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That’s the Book for Me

Not so many years ago, I remember sitting with a friend at the park watching our boys play and she said, “I love studying God’s word.” I remember thinking, “Ugh, really?” I’d read the bible, or tried reading it, but at that time it always produced more questions than answers, more frustration than revelation. You might as well have asked me to read a dissertation about nuclear physics. Fast-forward about four years and my friend’s quote could be my own: I love studying God’s word.

What happened?

The Holy Spirit happened. As I continued to seek God, He began to answer some of my questions, the words on the page became much more than words. They became conversations with God. They became relevant. Alive.

My daughter used to refuse to eat cereal with milk on it. She liked it “plain.” Finally one day, she gave milk a try and now she wouldn’t have it any other way. Reading the bible without asking the Holy Spirit for guidance was kind of like eating dry cereal for me–maybe a comforting word here or there, perhaps a nice little snack. But pour on the Holy Spirit, and now I’ve got myself a meal (in my world, cereal counts as a meal). So if the bible strikes you as being a bit dry, I’d like to challenge you to invite the Spirit into your reading (it’s as easy as asking Him). Once you get a taste of God’s word, saturated with fresh understanding, if you’re like me you’ll feel much more satisfied, yet hungry for more.

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