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It’s been a time of transition. I feel restless, but know the Lord’s plan is good and try to be patient as it unfolds. Proverbs 21:31 says “The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD.” When I first read this verse, I immediately focused on me as the horse: “Okay, I’m to prepare myself.” But then I realized, once again, I was inserting my “need to do something” where there is no such directive. Why is it that I always try to make it about me? The verse doesn’t say, “The horse prepares itself,” it says, “the horse is prepared.” In other words, the Lord prepares us for battle…a battle He has already won, by the way. So if you’re like me, that leaves you feeling a little humph… asking the Lord, “So what exactly is it that you want from me again?”

I’ve often found God’s Word to be layered with meanings. For me, dissecting a verse isn’t about trying to be a smartypants, it’s about wanting to lick the plate clean after a good meal, not wanting to leave any morsel left behind. For instance, in this verse I found it interesting that the Hebrew word defined as horse, actually has several meanings, including “a swallow, or swift (bird), a crane, horseback,” and also is derived from an unused root meaning “to skip (properly, for joy); a horse (as leaping); also a swallow (from its rapid flight).” The picture I begin to get now evolves to a creature soaring or perhaps leaping for joy. And this is part of the answer to my question before Jesus: He wants me to soar and leap with joy. What this means to me is that He wants me to live as I was created to live. A bird doesn’t have to overthink soaring. She simply soars. A free horse doesn’t worry whether it’s leaping correctly. He simply leaps.

And so, rather than trying to beat God to the punch as I wait to see how His plans unfold, I am choosing to live according to the freedom Jesus purchased for me. While He prepares me, I will soar and leap in my spirit… living life alive.

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