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Body of Christ? Amen! (Part 1 of 5)

When my brother and I were kids, we used to “play communion.”  We’d mash a piece of bread flat and stamp out circles with a measuring spoon to make the little hosts then fill one of my mom’s brass chalices from Spain with grape juice. Next, we would take turns piously walking up to each other with hands in steeple formation. Holding up the host, voice packed with as much adult-sounding reverence as it could muster, one of us would say, “Body of Christ.” The recipient would see that reverence and raise it one with a solemn “Amen.” Now perhaps we were just acting out the ritual we’d witnessed so many times in church, but I believe our intrinsic fascination went beyond role-play. We sensed there was something magnificent and holy about the Body of Christ.

The phrase Body of Christ has repeatedly popped in my mind over the last few weeks. As is often the case with our omni-faceted God, the imagery and connotation of this phrase has many layers for us to discover. Over the course of this week, let’s consider all that the Body of Christ means to us: 1) God himself, full of grace and truth, humbled Himself by taking on a human body; 2) Jesus broke His body for us on the cross; 3) Members of the church now collectively form the Body of Christ; and 4) As believers who have received Christ’s Spirit, we each individually and uniquely have ‘Christ in us’–put another way, a body (person) that is of Christ.

Taking all that in and really thinking about what it means, I’m reconnected with that sense of awe and feeling of connection to something huge that I experienced as a child. Somehow it strikes me fresh today, eloquence eludes me as I’m left with no words other than, “Whoa.”

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