but even if…


My source. My center.


Father… Heart.

Pulsating, beating.

Jesus… Pathway.

Reaching, saving.

Spirit… Life.

Indwelling, flowing.


Together, in unison.

Renewing life. Delivering love.

To every extremity.

Back. Forth. Back.

For all. Through all.


A rhythm. A song. A dance.

His music flows through my veins. Our veins.

The very blood of God.

Poured out. Connecting. Sustaining.

Your Body. Your Bride.

Beckoning, “Come.”

I’m invited. We’re invited.


Father… Our Heart.

Jesus… Our Veins.

Spirit… Our Blood.


One heartbeat. One pulse.

Steady. True.

Am I listening? Are we listening?

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