but even if…


One of my passions of expression is painting. This page is set aside to be my future gallery. Yes, it’s a little minimalistic right now. ART! One day, though. Hopefully soon. I will post pretty things here. For now, here is some word-art… a self-portrait of sorts.


As He created the sky,
So am I

His canvas, His expression
A cheery-blue, vast expanse of possibility
Open to adventure

Reflecting the sun, basking in His glory
Sharing His beauty
Morning, evening, morning

Gray days, stormy days,
Fleeting attempts of darkness
Always give way to light

Sometimes shy, she hides
Peeking from behind the clouds
Fluffy, sheepish, shifting in shape

But she is His
And as such, constant
Seemingly distant, but not

She is often playful
Dancing with the breeze
Singing for joy

She invites you to wonder with her
To dream, to soar, to live in color
To be on display

For you are His canvas too

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