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Have a message to share? A great first step (or second, third, twentieth…) in today’s world is self-publishing and on-demand printing. As a designer, writer, and editor, I will partner with you to present your words to the world, beautifully. If you have a Kingdom-honoring message or art to share and would like to see it in print, drop me a note and find out how I can help!

“Oh that my words were written! Oh that they were inscribed in a book!” – Job 19:23

Here are a few books I’ve helped produce, available through Amazon.com:


Leading Like Jesus by Floyd McClung
Leading Like Jesus is a book that endeavors to strip away the tarnish of ‘Christian Religion’ and take us back to the simplicity of focusing on the One Whom Christianity is built on… Jesus. It strives to cut through intellectualism and cynicism and encourages us to look at the life of this extraordinary Man and follow Him… simply and truthfully. Journey with Floyd McClung through these 40 lessons from Jesus, taken from the book of John, as well as corresponding personal lessons learned, and practical lessons to live.


The Black Swan Effect by Felicity Dale, Neil Cole, Frank Viola, et al.
All it took was one. One black swan changed people’s minds forever. The Black Swan Effect presents a vision for what can happen as men and women work together in the Kingdom of God. The authors (both male and female) encourage men to champion women as equal co-laborers and partners in the harvest. They give women permission and inspiration to follow the Lord – to reach their own full potential and encourage others to fulfill God’s call. The Black Swan Effect equips both men and women to bring an informed and positive contribution to the increasingly crucial conversation on gender in the church.


Timeless Treasures by Anj Riffel; Illus. by Veritas elementary students
This delightfully illustrated book will captivate children and parents alike with its bible-based, timeless themes, easy-to-read rhymes, and colorful characters. Each of the six stories is followed by a devotional thought and the actual bible text the story was based on, presenting a wonderful springboard for parents to discuss biblical themes with their little ones. Themes include: learning to listen for and recognize God’s voice; receiving God’s gift of grace; the call to new life in Christ; unwavering faith; God’s providence; God’s provision; and more. Proceeds go to benefit Veritas Christian School in Lawrence, KS.


Disciple by Erik Fish
In coffee shops, college dorm rooms, churches, and workplace settings, Disciple is laying the foundation for a new movement of disciples and disciple makers. Disciple is not a book to passively read – it’s an experiential power tool to facilitate real-life discipling relationships with intentionality. If you want to deepen your walk with Jesus, make other disciples, or simply need a tool for making disciples within your church or ministry, Disciple will help you make maximum impact for the kingdom of God.


The Fishnet Experience by Paul Gray
The Fish Net Experience chronicles the musical and spiritual adventures of jazz musician Ronnie Self, who experiences tremendous career success at the Grace Hotel, but faces temptations and worry that go with the territory—primarily orchestrated by a sinister being from another dimension. Riding a roller coaster from lows of waking up to puke to highs of critical and financial acclaim, Self journeys from a life centered around himself to discovering a new life, awash in grace. Relationship disasters, unconditional forgiveness, good news that changes everything, and unexpected revelation punctuate The Fish Net Experience of Ronnie Self, Mysty Lyle, Jack Grace, Smiley Jackamouski, and a group of eclectic musicians and college professors, who come to realize you can’t pay for grace.


The Most Amazing Parent by Anj Riffel
I certainly thought I had it all figured out at about 22. I was wild, undisciplined, impatient, stubborn, self-centered and didn’t want to answer to anyone. Hmm, sounds suspiciously like the behavior of my kids when they were about two. It wasn’t until I became a parent myself and turned to God for guidance that I started to recognize how many parallels there were with my children’s behavior and my own. This book follows a seven-year journey with my heavenly Father. He’s taught me so much, wiped away my tears, and blessed me with countless smiles. The stories and photos are of my own family, but I believe they represent a road we all travel in one way or another. I humbly share them with you and pray that our Most Amazing Parent will speak to your heart through these pages as He’s spoken to mine.

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